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Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT will support older Snapdragon chip models by 2025: Tipster



Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT Older snapdragon model

Well, there were many untold reasons behind the launch of the self-developed HarmonyOS NEXT operating system, and this is one of the biggest steps taken by the company. It is a kind of experiment that will result hit, super hit, or flop too. But Chinese tech giants take sufficient time to develop HarmonyOS NEXT, and they plan to release it to Huawei older Snapdragon chip models.

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Yes! Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT will support Snapdragon chip models too, this announcement also shows that the company has a plan to divert there all models dependent to self-developed. Maybe this is the reason Huawei broke the series name from HarmonyOS 5.0 to HarmonyOS NEXT.

Notably, the HarmonyOS NEXT update is not like the ordinary major operating system version which is supports only compatible models. But the company developed it as a way to support all older and newer models too. As per the recent leak shared by @BejingDigital starting in 2025, many models will be adapted to this new build including older Snapdragon chops devices.

However, another side news is that is beginning to advance into the global market. That means the company will start expanding it to global users by 2025. Still, it is uncovered whether the global smartphone will grab it or not, as watches and tables are already running based on the HarmonyOS build.

But in the current scenario, HarmonyOS NEXT is in developer beta and by next year it will release the official version. In between there were many ups and downs we will come to see, including bugs, latency, changes, new application launches, new features discovered, and improvements in the version.

Let’s wait patiently and see the official move of the company. This news is based on a leak by a famous Weibo tipster, the company has not mentioned any official work for it. What do you think of how much it will be worth and goes the same? Share your view in the comment section.

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