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Huawei HarmonyOS Native WPS Office version developed, supports tablets and phones



Huawei HarmonyOS Native WPS Office

Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT’s operating system is filled with lots of Native applications that are used to boycott Android support. Recently a most important app for commercial employees developed, yes I’m talking about the WPS Native office.

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The company developed the WPS office HarmonyOS Native version which supports tablets and mobile phones. It can connect cloud accounts and coordinate multiple terminals. The Chinese tech giant has really nailed the hand this time.

Well, the WPS version on tablets was also the first to be adapted to Hauwei. However, the WPS office is an All-in-one office platform for everyone which gives you PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT workshops for free. It ensures that users’ data and files open smoothly and work fine with no formatting problems.

The company also make sure of the security of your data which is end-to-end encrypted with Star Shield Security technology developed recently for devices. Notable this WPS office for HarmonyOS Native users made up with

  • 40milliom+  C/C++ languages 
  • 600 m++ monthly active devices
  • 1000+ WPS Office R&D personal
  • 6 platforms 4 instructions set 

So are you guys excited for the HarmonyOS NEXT official launch, these are also some tailors of the hole movie yet to be watched. Just stay tuned with us for more related information.

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