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MediaTek launched Dimensity 9300+ flagship 5G gen AI 



MediaTek launch 9300 dimensity AI

Today at MediaTek Dimensity Conference 2024, the company unveiled the latest MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ flagship 5G generation AI mobile chip for the purpose of the excellent full-core design and AI generative capabilities it helps to upgrade flagship smartphone experience of terminal devices.

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Well, there is one more interesting piece of information that MediaTek collaborated with

  • Alibaba Cloud Tongyi Qianwen
  • Baichuan Big Model
  • Huya, Kugou
  • Zero One Wish
  • OPPO
  • Soul
  • Tencent AI Lab
  • Tencent Hunyuan
  • Vivo
  • Other ecological partners

this partnership jointly works to generate AI mobile phones as AI mobile phone are going to be the future of the smartphone revolution. As the AI has the capabilities to provide reliable and complete solutions for mobile phones and works with world-advanced AI larger models, development, and applications for generative AI.

Here are some key factors of AI generative:

  • Gen-AI best practices: efficient and can be deployed in one day;
  • Gen-AI Model Hub: covering mainstream large models;
  • Gen-AI optimization technology: efficient performance optimization;
  • Neuron Studio: a proprietary one-stop visual development environment.

The Director, general manager and Chief Operating Officer of MediaTek stated that:

Generative AI has completely revolutionized the use value of terminal applications, and smart terminals are the key carrier for the popularization of generative AI. With its deep foundation and rich experience in the field of edge computing, MediaTek empowers every year Capable of 2 billion smart terminal devices, MediaTek will bring unprecedented innovation in human-computer interaction, productivity, entertainment experience, etc. Through the advantages of the Dimensity platform and the ‘Dimensity AI Pioneer Plan’, MediaTek will integrate the power of industry ecological partners to Efficiently empower developers, accelerate the construction of a new AI ecosystem from the cloud to the terminal, promote the popularization of generative AI technology on smart terminals, allow more users to enjoy a new high-end generative AI experience, and accelerate the development of the all-things AI era. arrival.”

Source: Official MediaTek

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