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6G network official logo out, China, Europe and India will also participate in development 



6G logo

According to a recent report, the Project Coordination Group of 3GPP has approved a new logo for use in the specification of 6G. Well, this shows that the company has already started working on the next generation of networks to provide users the best ever experience and it also boosts device speed automatically.

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Well, a number of companies have jointly worked on it, belonging to different countries in the world. Notably, the new logo of 6G was revealed during the 52nd meeting of the 3GPP Project Coordination Group, and the logo can cooperate with 3GPP work on 6G standards. Below you can check the names of the countries:

  • ARIB, TTC (Japan)
  • ATIS (North America)
  • CCSA (Europe)
  • TADSI (India)

All the above four most countries are top in technolgies and will contribute in development of 6G network. However, Here are 11 initial memebers companies to join for the developement of the, these are:

    • Samsung
    • ARM
    • Ericsson
    • Microsoft
    • Nokia
    • SoftBank

Other leading companies in the semiconductor, telecommunications, and software field.

6G logo graphic 


Well, going with the 6G logo then, at first look you will find a nifinity sigh shown by seeing it. Also, the network connectivity sing generated over in blue color. Other than that 6 and letter G’ is designed in blackish color in white background. A mini TM letter written in a small size left side of logo.

Here are official works:

The creation of this graphical mark is the next step in 3GPP’s preparations for the next generation of mobile systems. In December 2023, the Organizational Partners (Standards bodies): ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TSDSI, TTA and TTC announced their joint commitment to make 6G happen in 3GPP. Now there is a graphical badge that can accompany the 3GPP work on the topic

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