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Huawei HarmonyOS Kernel exceeds Linux Kernel, OS no more controlled by Europe and US



Huawei HarmonyOS kernel exceeds

During the Huawei HDC 2024 conference, the president of Huawei terminal BG software department speech reveals that

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‘Operating system software has always been dominated by Europe and the United States, and Hongmeng has undergone a comprehensive upgrade, and has accomplished in 10 years what Europe and the United States took 30 years to do. The Hongmeng kernel surpasses the Linux kernel, is safer and smoother, and has a 10.7% performance improvement in comparison.’

However, as compared to the current version of HarmonyOS, the NEXT build will be 30 times safer, and improve overall device performance. And company aims to increase this number by 20 times more with the upcoming two-generation chip process.

However, the HarmonyOS NEXT is a pure-blood ecosystem fully self-developed. Meanwhile, the HarmonyOS is a full scenarios intelligent operating system built based on OpenHarmony. Yu Chnegdon also unveiled that the beta version of HarmonyOS NEXT will be expanded by today itself for developers.

To enter the beta testing the developer has to have an entrance If they clear it then they can register for the beta testing. And public beta version for all released sometime in August 2024. As previously mentioned the Mate 70 will be the first to enter the market with built-in HarmonyOS NEXT OS.


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