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Huawei launched HarmonyOS NEXT new Star Shield security: Check more



Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT star security

Huawei revealed a new HarmonyOS NEXT ‘Star Shield Security’ during the HDC 2024 conference, it helps applications to protect and give high-end security. Although this is a code and application that does not meet security requirements cannot be put security shelf and installed.

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On the other hand, the Multi-person collaboration data will be protected and end-to-end encrypted via this new Star Shield Security by Huawei. This is something innovative more than we expected. However, with the shared controllable manner, and multiple devices, all the data is strongly protected via this.

There is only one file and one key per device at the hardware level. Multiple file types can be supported by the new architecture, which is not dependent on applications, does not limit sharing channels, and supports system-level file encryption and sharing.

To reduce the risk of privacy leakage from the source, 9 types of unreasonable permissions are not allowed. The list of installed applications (for migrating application data), the creation of desktop shortcuts, or accessing information.

However, the stars are shining and the Star Shield is protecting data. It province security architecture to provide users with the Pure ecological experience. Controlled privacy protection and high end security data protection.

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