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Huawei won ‘Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award for 0 bit 0 watt solution 



Huawei Gloma best mobile award

No doubt, Huawei is the leading brand because of its latest technology, innovative mind, and premium user experience. However, one of its innovative minds of ‘0 Bit 0 ‘Watt solutions helped Huawei win the GSMA GLOMO Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award’. For those who are unaware of the 0-bit 0-watt solution!

It is Huawei’s native green technology to help operators build energy-efficient networks that deliver the best user experience of a 5G network. Also, it is a unique innovation in power amplifiers and antennas to achieve end-to-end high efficiency for the very first time, this happens that the network-saving solution has won the GSMA GLOMO Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award.

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However, its 0-Bit-0-Watt solution for energy efficiency destroyed more than 30 networks worldwide, also it reduced daily average consumption by 9% to 38% along with the best user experience. This is a huge number. Huawei is working hard with a self-dependent nature.

Notably, Huawei in three companies who having their own operating systems Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS/EMUI. Which is the most attractive and appreciative part of the company, you can check what Huawei president YU Yang stated while receiving the GSMA GLOMO Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award for 0 Bit 0 ‘Watt solution.

Huawei president YU Yang Thanked GSMA and said

Huawei’s network energy-saving technology. New 5G applications have created a surge of network traffic. As a result, operators are looking to minimize energy consumption without compromising user experience. “Huawei’s ‘0 Bit 0 Watt’ solution combines material, component, and algorithm innovations to help operators deploy new 5G bands to improve experience without incurring extra energy consumption. It is an ideal choice for operators focusing on green growth/blockquote>

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