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Huawei unlocks world’s 1st 5.5G intelligent Core network at MWC 2024



Huawei 5.5G NETWORK

Huawei conducted the MWC 2024 on February 26, to unlock the world’s first 5.5G intelligent Core network aims to improve business value and development potential. This is another step to show the world the meaning of self-dependency with their unique ideas and technology.

The main purpose of Huawei launching 5.5G core networks is to improve intelligence and data channel-based interaction capabilities. Below you can check, the Huawei highlighted to unveil

To deliver profitability of calling services:

Well, the company noticed the commercial use of calling services increased up to 50 million subscriptions not only in China but also in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. This is the very first technology to support calling advantage solutions.

Additionally, the company also introduced the multi-model communication function (MCF) to let users control digital avatars through voice calling, to provide a more personalized calling experience.

To enable experience monetization and differentiated operations:

5.5G network helps operators add experience privileges to service packages and better monetize differentiated experiences. As per the increase in traffic in 2k or 4k HD video, live streaming, microburst, and elephant flow frequency occur. this is the industry’s first intelligent UDC product that can deliver a ubiquitous 10 Gbps superior experience.

O&M intelligence achieves high network stability and efficiency:

Digital assistants and digital experts (DAEs) are empowered by multi-modal large models to reduce O&M workload. It used to take over five years to cultivate experts in a single domain, but now the multi-modal large model can be trained in a matter of weeks.

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