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Huawei expected to launch world first ‘Triple folding screen phone’ with inner, and outer folding 



Huawei Triple Fold screen

Huawei is known to surprise its users with new technologies, and development. Also, acknowledged for developing new technologies that do not exist in the world, and its biggest example is the latest rumor of launching the world’s first triple folding screen.

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Yes! Huawei is expected to launch a world-first ‘Triple Folding Screen’ phone that has both inner and outer folding. Also, it will packed with the double hinge design and the screen pressure bar still exists in this updated unique display phone.

However, the screen is estimated to be about 10 inches and the crease is standard, it comes with a lot of far-leading new technologies. And most amazing thing is there will be no competitor of Huawei in this Triple folding phone.

Huawei Triple Folding screen:

Well as per the source, Huawei already filed a Patent for the folding phone in March of this year, according to:

The folding screen mobile has first, second, and third housing, 2 hinges, flexible screen. Well, the back side of the first hinge is connected to the first housing, and the second housing joins to the second hinge and vice versa. However, the first and third housings are connected to the flexible screen with respect to the second and third shells.

The first hinge can deform so that the first housing is folded or unfolded relative to the second housing, and the second hinge can deform so that the second housing is folded or unfolded relative to the third housing. On comparing the first and second housings are third housing is thicker.

This makes the device lighter when we fold it, and also reduces the thickness due to multi-shells having unequal thickness. As per the company, many application scenarios were not adapted to the screen ratio of folding screen devices.

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