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Huawei HarmonyOS v for Nova 12 adds June 2024 security patch, new features, more



Huawei Nova 12 June update

Huawei Nova 12 smartphone users getting the new HarmonyOS 4.2 version with some new features, the latest month’s security patch, and system optimization. This means the new version is a package of all-in-one improvements for the user’s betterment.

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The most interesting this about the new update for Huawei Nova 12 is it brings the HarmonyOS June 2024 security patch update. You are thinking about what’s interesting in it, but just recall that Huawei has not released the June 2024 security patch details, and Nova 12 is the first to grab it.

To my memory, this is happening for the first time since Huawei released the security patch update to the device with patch details and devices list. Additionally, the new Geometry party, Geometry stickers, Mood Party, and Moos sticker theme are added to the new via this HarmonyOS 4.2 version.

Huawei Nova 12 (BLK-AL00) model users can identify this latest update through the HarmonyOS build version. Notably, Huawei Nova 12 enlisted in the eligible device list of HarmonyOS NEXT, so this update is important to keep your system up to date for upcoming version updates.

Below you can check the complete changelog of the Huawei Nova 12:

New theme

  • Added a new geometric party theme, selected different triangular geometric images to create an array, followed the click gesture to scroll above or below the lock screen to start the party
  • A new geometric sticker theme is added, which can stack triangular geometric images or colorful stickers into a personalized theme. The stickers can be interacted
    with click gestures on the lock screen, which is cute and cute.
  • Add a new mood party theme, choose a variety of cute expressions independently, and combine them into rich personalized themes through various layout
    methods, bringing you more interesting interactive experiences
  • Added a new mood sticker theme, using a rich collection of popular emoticons and 1500+ mood emoticons to create ever-changing interactive themes, making the
    lock screen interface is changeable and fun.


  • Optimize the call experience in some scenarios


  • Incorporate the June 2024 security patch to enhance system security

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