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Huawei should bring 5G on/off switch on control panel to all devices!



Huawei 5G switch control panel

Huawei becomes the world’s first OEM to develop a 5.5G network technology for its customers. Also, it recently created history by developing its fully independent operating system. In between this, there is one feature that the company provides up to the Mate 40 series, which 5G switch on the control panel.


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Huawei’s old devices have 5G switch on the control panel that allow users to enable or disable 5G networks as per the requirement. Users mainly use 5G at the time of downloading heavy files or in some hurry. Rather than that most of them prefer to use a 4G network.

Why not 5G all the time:

No doubt 5G network provides users with a high speed, no latency, and a smooth experience but along with that it also becomes one of the reasons for heating, speedy data consumption and many more.

To be noted this 5G switch in Huawei phone is available but till Mate 40 series only, the company should bring up this to other latest devices too. Not all-time users need 5G speed, or this, they can use it accordingly as per the situation.

Users are missing this feature in there Huawei latest phone, so the company should bring in all devices to should prepare it alternative options to manage their network. What’s your option over this share you thought in the comment section.

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