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Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT indepandent of Android, iOS, non-Lunux kernel, non-AOSP  



Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT iOS

Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT will be the biggest blockbuster not only for the home ground but also in the global market. As it is independent of Android, iOS, non-Lunus kernel, and non-AOSP it will spread in the world like a competitor to OEMs.

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Although there will definitely be improvements, whether it can be a leap forward remains to be seen and it also depends on how target optimization the software developers are willing to make for the HarmonyOS version of the software. However, at least a 25% improvement in the initial stage, and it will be optimized after.

Due to all the software and hardware of HarmonyOS NEXT being self-made, it is easy to optimize the system for the user’s accordance. However, the sources also show that the HarmonyOS Kenel has been installed on NEXT DP 2.

But it is also expected that except for the apps that’s come by default, all the third party application uninstalled automatically as they all are Android apps. Users have to App Store to re-install the HarmonyOS version, the system apps should be directly updated to the HarmonyOS version, such as the gallery and camera.

Well, are you guys excited to experience a new version of the software?

source @FixedFocusdigital


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