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Huawei officially punches out HDC 2024 products highlights, including HarmonyOS NEXT and more 



Huawei HDC 2024 highlights

Huawei is about to conduct the biggest event of the year, and that will become more special for the users due to pure HarmonyOS blood being announced in this. Well, Huawei recently officially punched out the highlights of the HDC 2024 conference, which will surprise you so let’s elaborate on it.

Huawei HDC 2024 conference highlights 

Huawei HDC 2024 conference will be the rich and diverse keynote speeches and interactive experiences Hundreds of special events for developers, thousands of collisions of wisdom and passion will be unveiled on June 21 and last till June 23, 2024.

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That means, after a week ago users come you see the new era of innovation and can experience the rich and diverse features. Here’s the biggest super highlight look ahead, a company to take a big move by focusing on ultra-cutting-edge innovations which includes.

  • Will share the innovation achievements of HarmonyOS NEXT
  • Pangu Model 5.0 empowers technological innovation
  • Shengteng AI Cloud service and GaussDB database jointly build a new blueprint for a smart future

Alongside, the company will share stage with the thousands of stars, experts, and developers in various fields who talk face-to-face about code labels, the greek marathons, and sweeper monk meetings. They are full of useful information. Let love and passion collide to create sparks of inspiration harvest diverse growth together and see the bright stars together.

Create ‘Star Carnival’ here a new technology exhibition area, fun interactive area, and starlight live broadcast room will take you up close to the wonderful digital life. In the new wave of technology, we will discuss the bright future together. Music and carnivals will also invite you to enjoy the technology and art event allowing users to gather and innovation, Fearless.

However, a bright starry sky and thousands of sails go hand in hand to build a vast galaxy together. Gathering chins’s top ecological partners and developers to discuss major events and participate in grand events. All-scenario smart life is now within reach.

Source: official @Huaweiterminal

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