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Here’s how to use special characters (‘<' !' ^* ) on Huawei Watch 4



Huawei Watch special characters use

Huawei smartwatches just act like wearable mobile phones, which can type messages for use, attend calls, provide us notifications, and track health-related activities. However, there were tips that helped to use the special character while typing something.

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Meanwhile, the Huawei Watch 4 allows you to reply to text messages, and in some situations, you want to use special characters like <, >, $, and more to express your exact feelings and work. Below you can check how to get more keys on your keyboard of Watch.

To use special characters on the keyboard on your Huawei Watch you need to go on ‘?12’ keys present on the bottom left of the keyboard. Simply click on it then you will come to see many different special keys.

Notably, for more keys you will now see a ‘=/<‘ key on the bottom left of the special character key page. After selecting that you will find, that the more different key they might give strong connectivity in your communication.

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