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Huawei P60 Pro grabs April 2024 security update  



Huawei P60 Pro April 2024 security update

Huawei P60 Pro smartphone users in Europe and France are obtaining an April 2024 security update with lots of improvements and fixes to their devices. Well, the monthly security patch update aims to get users rid of the issues they faced in the previous month.

However, the device Huawei P60 Pro is the heir of the P-series forever, as the P-series is upgraded to the Pura and has already launched its very first device. Which has now become hot search among the users. Well back to the title:

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The April 2024 patch brings various fixes in certain sections of severity, and also improves the latency and lagging issues of your devices. It also focuses on some noticeable bugs to improve the machine for a better user experience.

It fixes 8 high levels of CVEs, 13 medium levels of CVEs, and None from low. Alongside, 3 from the critical level and 2 CVEs from previous updates. Let’s check the EMUI April 2024 security patch details.

Huawei P60 Pro users in Europe and France can know this update via EMUI build version and users can download and install it by lifting 377 MB of installation weight.


  • Adda security was released in April 2024 to improve system security

Version number :

  • 377 MB

Source: huaweiblog

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